Brand Identity

Have a Logo You Love

Have a Logo You Love

Project7 Design’s unique brand identity approach helps connect you to your audience. We help our clients make decisions for their brands in stages. Our process helps you decide what your brand should look and feel like. From naming and logo design to voice and brand guidelines, we are passionate about building brands, no matter where in your business journey you may be.

We understand that your business name and logo has a huge impact on how customers perceive you. It makes the first impression and is the aesthetic trusted fans come to love. Think of it like a welcome mat for your business. It’s important and we want to help you look legit! That’s why we believe the look and feel of your brand should embody the way you want your customers to feel when they interact with you.

Dig a Little Deeper


You should love your logo so much that you want to put it on everything. Using a collaborative design process, we create logos that look and feel legit.


A style guide sets the ground rules for your marketing materials. We create these for all new logos but can help establish guidelines for existing brands too.


Good brands have a personality. A cohesive voice and tone will help strengthen your overall presence from marketing materials to how your team talks about what you do.


Our naming process combines research and brainstorming to help perfectly embody your new business or product with a name that’s unique to you.


*These logos were not complimentary.


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