Merge Urban Development Group

Constructing New Identities

For clients like Merge Urban Development Group, successfully naming and branding a space can make all the difference. In recent years, Project7 Design has collaborated with Merge on a variety of property development projects across the Midwest. At the start of each project, p7 draws from the projectʼs location, goals, and stakeholder feedback to determine a name for the property. The names of properties like Mackson Corners and The Stacks take inspiration from local history and geography while others relate to the buildingʼs use.

Once a name is established, p7 works with Merge to create a distinct logo, pattern, and brand for each property. Each brand relates not only to the propertyʼs name and background but is also incorporated into the physical spaces through signage, wall graphics, and more. The URBANE projects all center on one core brand with adjustments to color palette and graphic treatments based on the city. The system created for the five current URBANE buildings across the Midwest is agile enough to grow and evolve with the developments.

Client Testimonial

The Project7 Design team brings a fresh perspective to projects that we have labored over because of their financial, risk-oriented and overall buzzkill details. The p7 team captures the color, spirit and momentum that meets the place our customers find us, which is new and upcoming. P7 has homed in on a very specific goal for our business by bridging authentic demand (this city needs this product) with authentic brand (this city identifies with this product).

– Joy Hannemann, Merge Urban Development Group

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