Des Moines Airport

Iowa to Anywhere

Project7 Design helped launch the FlyDSM campaign to unveil a new, vibrant personality for the Des Moines International Airport. This campaign combined web and digital promotional graphics with physical signage to be placed around the airport. The FlyDSM campaign will be incorporated into the airport’s future advertising. It will also entice travelers to engage with the brand in new ways on-site like an interactive selfie station mural, elevator graphics, coloring sheets, and more.

Des Moines International Airport print ad

Client Testimonial

Project7 Design brought our vision for a more energetic and colorful branding campaign to life. They provided a space for open discussion, brainstorming and collaboration to ensure our project goals were met. Through our work with Project7, we have been able to establish a personality for our brand that is cohesive and connected in all that we do.

– Kayla Kovarna, Communications, Marketing and Business Development Manager