Environmental Branding

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Thoughtful environmental branding can help take your space and brand to the next level. Project7 Design can help determine your signage needs and execute on the vision for your space. Whether you’re moving into a new space or just wanting to enhance your current one, we can use our expertise to bring your brand to life.

From exterior and interior signage to full wayfinding plans, we’ll make sure that customers will always be able to find you. We also collaborate with clients to choose furniture, fixtures and graphics that compliment their brand and space. Or, if you want to take things one step further, mural design and installation is our jam. No matter the space, we want to help it feel like you and your business.

From the Windows to the Walls


We can help you create a cohesive space. Our team is available to consult on interior elements like furniture, lighting and more.


We want to help people find you! Our team has extensive experience designing both exterior and interior signage for businesses.


There’s no reason to struggle! We can create a plan to help your clients or employees easily navigate your space.


Murals are a great way to bring your space to life! Our team can help design and execute on murals that fit your brand, budget and space.


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