Des Moines Parks and Rec


Des Moines Parks and Recreation came to Project7 to redesign emergency trail markers and associated trail identities to establish a vibrant, identifiable, and effective signage solution for the expanding trail system. The newly designed system allows for a more permanent solution, branded trail identification, and most importantly, the six-digit E-911 location number.

Each trail logo uniquely identifies an iconic feature, person, or element of the trail. P7 facilitated research and conducted a community survey to gather input. This resulted in a design system of nine trail logos that are easily marketable for fundraisers and can continue to grow along with the bike and water trails that attract visitors to central Iowa.

In addition to the E-911 signage design and trail identities, p7 created trail-branded graphics for the back panels of five unique art trail corridors. Each corridor features a local artist, photographer or illustrator and can be experienced by trail users in all directions of travel. Find a map of the five trails here to check them out!


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