Iowa DNR

Watt to Do with Batteries

Knowing how to properly dispose of common household items like batteries can be tricky. Project7 Design was excited to work with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on a campaign called Take Charge, which helped educate the public about recycling rechargeable batteries.

Not only did the p7 team help name and brand the campaign, but we also creating corresponding animations, print collateral, and billboard designs. Partners around the state then adapted those assets to help educate people in their own community.

Client Testimonial

Iowa DNR surveyed Iowans regarding household hazardous materials and batteries and found that many Iowans knew they were hazardous or could be dangerous if not managed properly. However most did not know how to properly manage or recycle them when they had reached their end of life. We approached P7 to assist us with a comprehensive campaign to educate the public on how to properly manage/recycle batteries and make it visually interesting and easy to understand. P7 was great and so easy to work with in developing this campaign. They approached the work with enthusiasm and curiosity and helped us develop a colorful, clear and catchy campaign!

– Jennifer Wright, Supervisor, Financial & Business Assistance

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