Speak Up Stories

Transforming Fear into Fuel

Erik Dominguez uses his passion for public speaking to help people transform their fear into fuel. When Erik started Speak Up Stories to work toward that mission, he approached Project7 Design about creating a brand and website. Inspired by Erik’s passion and enthusiasm, p7 created a dynamic brand that uses bright colors and engaging iconography to connect with potential clients. As Speak Up Stories has evolved, its logo has expanded to include a number of sub-brands that help tell the company’s story.

In addition to a vibrant brand, p7 also created an energetic website that fits with Erik’s personality. In addition to content that highlights Speak Up Stories’ services and Erik’s experience, the website has whimsical elements that add to the brand. Animated headers created from the audio waves of one of Erik’s presentations top every page and a footer animation directs users to a hidden speakeasy-style event page.

Speak Up Stories icons

Client Testimonial

P7 is more than a design company. They are storytellers who make you the star of your own vision. They are innovators who create communications that inspire people to come to you. And more than anything, they are people whose talent is only matched by their heart and passion for their clients. If you want clarity, novelty, excitement to your brand that includes friendliness, rigor, and excellence, you have found your (more than) design company.

– Erik Dominguez, Speak Up Stories