Perficut P.R.I.D.E.

Perficut is dedicated to the details for their clients, and that attention to detail doesn’t stop internally for their team. Their core values, represented by the acronym P.R.I.D.E., is a reflection of their culture and this is shown inside and out of their offices headquartered just outside of Des Moines.

Project7 created environmental branding, signage, a neon sign, and vinyl murals to create an immersive brand experience. Large-format photography of Team Perficut was hung in the mechanic shop along with fresh paint throughout the space in their brand colors. We themed the conference rooms to connect to their business process and created a prominent spot for a new hall of fame wall in the break room.

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Perficut Environmental Design Neon PRIDE Mural Vinyl Wall

Perficut Environmental Design Vinyl Conference Room Door and Mural

Perficut Environmental Design Exterior PRIDE pole banners

Perficut Environmental Design Hall of Fame Acrylic Standoffs

Perficut Environmental Design Water Fountain Sign

Perficut Environmental Design Exterior Painted Door Vinyl

Perficut Environmental Design Bathroom Gnome Women

Perficut Environmental Design Bathroom Gnome Men

Client Testimonial

Kicking off an Environmental Campaign with p7 was a unique, internal-focused collaboration. Our goal when laying out this campaign, was to “Win the Hearts” of our team members in various ways of visual impact, as our team entered our facilities each day. We wanted our team members to be proud of the impact and efforts they were making each day to support Perficut. Collaboration with p7 has always been a team effort, but more importantly a true partnership in how we see our own business, along with getting p7’s unique view on how others may perceive and view our company. The team at p7, continues to showcase our team and company in a fun, energetic, and passionate way that ties back to the roots and foundation of how we started. Thanks, p7 for making this another successful, collaborative project!

– Matt Boelman, Perficut President/CEO

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