Financial Plus Credit Union

Don't Sweat Your Equity

Financial Plus Credit Union (FPCU) came to Project7 Design for help dreaming up a home equity loan and line of credit campaign. The campaign needed to be fun, engaging, and accomplish two main goals: to highlight various ways home equity can be used, and to compare the benefits of a home equity loan vs. line of credit.

Inspired by the term sweat equity, p7 created a fun twist with the tagline “Don’t Sweat Your Equity,” and built a colorful campaign that encouraged members to put their home’s equity to work, and let FPCU sweat the details. The campaign featured digital ad templates, a website landing page with campaign-specific information, and a series of animated videos, including custom buttons and photography.

illustration of a sweaty house

yellow t-shirt with sweaty house inside a circle of typography that reads don't sweat your equity, financial plus credit union

teller and customer look at a computer screen inside an fpcu branch

financial plus credit union branch exterior with blue sky and green grass

series of buttons with icons and reasons to borrow: home improvement, start up, dream vacation, debt consolidation, college

Client Testimonial

We were excited to work with the Project 7 Design team again after they knocked it out of the park on our last project. I’m happy to say they did an amazing job bringing our home equity campaign to life. They did a great job creating a campaign that not only highlights the various ways our members can use their home equity but also helped us educate our members on the difference in products through a series of fun animated videos. The whole process from start to finish was a breeze! I look forward to working with P7 to dream up our next campaign, as they always bring fun and innovative ideas to the table!

– Theresa Macdonald, Financial Plus Credit Union

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