Kira Bliss

Graphic Designer

Kira Bliss is Project7’s newest graphic designer. With a fresh degree from Iowa State University, she brings great knowledge to the team and is always ready and willing to learn something new. Kira’s attitude at work is pretty much “YES!” and she takes whatever the team hands her. Some days, that’s designing sandwich boards or funky T-shirts; other days, it’s the nitty-gritty stuff like scheduling social posts and saving out print files for clients.

When she was in school, Kira did a bunch of research into local design firms and that’s when she first found p7. She loved the playful and colorful style of our brand and found inspiration in the work we do. So when the opportunity arose to join p7 as an intern, she was thrilled!

When Kira isn’t helping everyone with, well, everything, she likes to enjoy nice weather outside and explore nature trails. She also loves doodling, watching her favorite shows, or catching up on books she has been meaning to read.


Desk Beverage of Choice
Iced chai or coffee

Best Part of My Job
I get to learn from some of the most inspirational designers, who I have looked up to since my junior year of college!

Random Skill You'd Wish to Put on Your Resume
I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose

Tell Us About Your Pets!
I have a sweet light brown tabby kitty named Mochi who loves cuddling, cardboard boxes, and destroying my house plants!

Contact Me About
Graphic design and your nerdy podcast recommendations

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