Jessica Sampson

Senior Designer

Jessica Sampson is a Senior Designer at Project7 Design. Jessica first joined the p7 team as an intern and became a full-time designer after graduating from DMACC. As a part of the design team, she works on everything from logos and mood boards to illustrations and social media. Jessica was first drawn to p7 because of the studio’s design and working style. She also enjoys the variety of work she’s able to do and how closely the team works together.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys painting with acrylics, hanging out with her husband and dog, and rearranging the furniture in her house. She also spends her time thrifting vintage T-shirts and frequenting estate sales and flea markets. Jessica is an avid collector of odd, kitschy things, including clowns, religious figures, and vintage photos and ephemera for design inspiration, to name a few. She’s always searching for a new creative challenge and is currently starting plants from seed using her grow light.

Desk Beverage of Choice
Anything with caffeine

Best Part of My Job
Being able to create (something different) every day. And my amazing coworkers!

Random Skill You'd Wish to Put on Your Resume
I am able to wiggle each of my ears separately.

Tell Us About Your Pets!
My baby boy's name is Kirby, but we also call him FP (for forever puppy). Kirby is a four-year-old German Shepherd, but I swear he stopped growing at two and he looks more like a Belgian Malinois. Kirby's favorite activities include waking me up at night by sitting next to the bed and staring at me, and running circles around the trees in our backyard. Kirby definitely has his quirks, but he fits right in with our family.

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