Stone is Project7 Design’s office cat. He and his late bonded buddy, Moon, met while living at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. They joined the p7 team in December of 2018.

How Does p7 Have AN Office Cat?

People ask us how they can get office cats of their own all the time. Stone lives at the p7 offices as part of the ARL’s Office Cats program. The ARL does a great job helping match your business with an adoptable cat who gets along well with your team, customers, and office environment.

Desk Beverage of Choice
Paper to chew on.

Office Music I'd Veto
Sounds of a dog in the office.

Best Part of My Job
When the space heaters warm up the desks I sit on. Screaming at birds outside.

Contact Me About
Appropriate time lengths for cuddles. Name changes. The best paper types to chew on.