Sara Perez


Sara Perez is Project7 Design’s Writer. Sara has been walking the line between teaching and writing for almost 20 years. She’s taught kindergarteners, college students, teachers and campers about words — both how to read and write them. Sara has written for magazines and academic journals and created website and social media copy for a range of audiences. In that time, teaching writing helped her understand how to be a better reader and writer.

As part of the p7 team, Sara writes creative copy for client websites, social media, print campaigns and more.

Outside of the office, Sara loves a porch and an afternoon with a book the most. She also likes beauty- finding in all kinds of forms — books, theater, at a store or on a walk in the woods. Sara likes traveling and finding herself at home in a new place (she also likes coming back home).

Desk Beverage of Choice
Morning: Tiny short Mocha – Two espresso shots. Afternoon: Sparkle water, any brand will do!

Best Part of My Job
Puzzling the best turn of phrase and helping someone express the thing that motivates their business or brand. Telling that story is the best!

Random Skill You'd Wish to Put on Your Resume
xXtreme Empathy. Also I’m good with song lyrics from past hits — not current ones that would help me be cool.

Tell Us About Your Pets!
Lola is the best lady-dog in town. Part silky terrier, part best friend. Alfie and Flora are technically my daughter’s bunnies, but we have two sweet Holland Lops (one polka dot, one chocolate brown). So hoppy.

Contact Me About
Telling the story of your brand, business, or service in words that sound like you!