Meghan Baltas

Senior Designer

Meghan Baltas is a Senior Designer at Project7 Design. Meghan began her career at p7 as an intern and joined the team full-time after graduating from Drake University. On a daily basis, Meghan works on client social media plans, logo design, web design, and animation. Meghan enjoys being a part of the p7 team because of the freedom she’s given as a designer. She also appreciates the time the team takes to grow and learn.

When she’s not spending her weekends at the office, Meghan enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to concerts, and traveling back to Chicago to see her family.

Desk Beverage of Choice
Diet Coke or a Honey Bee Latte from Scenic Route

Best Part of My Job
Finding the best solution to someone’s problem even if it’s difficult. Working hard and using every part of my brain to creatively find solutions is a very rewarding process. And my coworkers. And pretty much everything.

Random Skill You'd Wish to Put on Your Resume
Reciting the lyrics to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Tell Us About Your Pets!
A few facts about my cat, Frito: 1) She is the light of my life. 2) She is named after the little brown stripe she has down her nose that looks vaguely like a Frito corn chip. 3) She is somewhere between 4 and 8 years old. 4) Frito somehow has two microchips in her body, but only half her teeth. 5) She loves shredded cheese. 6) Frito sleeps with her eyes half open (which is just as unnerving as it sounds).

Contact Me About
Graphic design. If you want your email forwarded to another "Meg(h)an."