Christine Mueri

Senior Writer

Christine Mueri is Project7 Design’s Senior Writer. She is a lifelong learner and really loves school, with a B.A. from Macalester College, an M.A. from Ohio State University (though she is emphatically NOT a Buckeye), and a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. Before she joined the team, Christine worked in marketing and communications in agencies, nonprofits, education, and health care. But her true calling is writing.

As p7’s designated word person, Christine writes all of the things for our clients— from blogs and social media posts to website content and fliers, you name it, she’ll write it. She is also the eagle eye and grammar police as proofs move through the internal review process. Christine loves what she does at p7 because she gets to write, collaborate with diverse clients, and work with creatives (her most favorite people)!

When she’s not writing for p7, Christine spends time with her husband and sweet seven-year-old, doing fun boy things like playing Minecraft, building forts, and eating snacks. She regularly binge-watches Food Network and is hopelessly behind on all of the cool shows on other networks. Christine also loves reading, working in her flower beds, listening to Broadway musicals on repeat, and baking all the things. She never met a scone she didn’t like and firmly believes baked goods make everything better.

Desk Beverage of Choice
Coffee doctored within an inch of its life. Pineapple coconut fizzy water. Homemade Medicine Ball tea.

Best Part of My Job
Working with the most incredible group of kind-hearted, bad-ass women

Random Skill You'd Wish to Put on Your Resume
Highly skilled at stress baking

Tell Us About Your Pets!
Total crazy cat lady here, so I have five kitty loves: 1. Isabelle (100% tortitude, geriatric edition) 2. Oliver (formerly feral Siamese boy turned enthusiastic snuggle bug) 3. Franklin (sweetheart tuxie with the teeniest feet and the biggest teefs) 4. Penelope (high-maintenance calico with territory issues) 5. Theodore (chubby Maine Coon with a penchant for plastic bags)

Contact Me About
Word things, Broadway musical recommendations, or cat memes