Process Mapping

Let’s Noodle

Let’s Noodle

The Project7 Design team loves helping find solutions to complex problems. From identifying your target audience to figuring out where your business is headed, we can help think through your next steps. Just getting started? We can help you flesh out your plans.

With decades of experience working in various industries and a love of listening to problems, our team knows the challenges that come with branding and building a business. We offer a variety of process mapping services to help you get your stuff to market, solidify your services and everything in between. No matter the problem, we can help you decide what comes next.

If You’ve Got a Problem, Yo We’ll Solve It


Whether you’re trying to identify your target audience or determining if a product is worth pursuing, we can assist with market research and development.


Need to set up some processes for your business? Let us lend an ear. We have a proven process to help you organize and communicate your processes clearly.


Our team can perform audits on your brand, website, service offerings and more to give you recommendations that will help you build your business.


Sometimes you need someone to help you see the forest from the trees. We can help you clarify your mission and vision so your actions are aligned and you have a clear path forward.


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