KFC Membership

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KFC Membership


Introducing the Kevin Fan Club (KFC) — a membership devoted to Doing Good Things and giving back! Our CEO (Cat Executive Officer), Kevin, was once a destitute cat living off slurpies and Doritos cast-offs from a local gas station dumpster. But, with the help of the ARL, Kevin was rescued and is now leading the charge as Project7’s CEO.

For a yearly membership fee of $20, you can help make a difference! Your one-year membership includes:

  • Official KFC certificate

  • Holographic sticker

  • A quarterly treat

100% of your $20 membership will be donated to the ARL.

The proceeds from your membership will be used to help the ARL rescue cats and kittens from the same predicament that Kevin was once in.

Help us make a difference and join KFC today!