Blue Ox

The Stuff of Legend

Created by an Iowa native with strong Midwestern sensibilities for quality and value, Blue Ox Spirits proves that spirits don’t have to cost top-dollar to taste top-shelf.  Project7 Design designed the label for this line of legendary spirits. Our team also works with Blue Ox Spirits to assist in monthly email marketing communications, in-store signage and billboards as well as digital campaigns like seasonal ad campaigns and social media content. With the help of p7, the company has expanded to 10 states with Blue Ox being the No. 1 Iowa-made vodka in the state.

Billboard for Blue Ox Spirits reading "Actually Distilled & Bottled in Iowa"

Hand holding a blue plastic cup filled with a Bloody Mary in front of a bottle of Blue Ox Vodka

Blue Ox Spirits sales sheet, poster and holiday T-shirt designed by Project7 Design

Six bottles of Blue Ox Spirits lined up on a counter

Navy blue business card designed for Blue Ox Spirits by Project 7 Design

Client Testimonial

When we came to Project7 Design to design our value based vodka label we asked for something cheap. Kat and Bridget refused the offer and boy were we lucky! They demanded we had a great looking design and in less than a year in business, Blue Ox became the number one selling alcohol in Iowa.

– Stuart Oxer, Blue Ox Spirits