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How We Help Clients Noodle Through Multi-Channel Campaigns

When our clients come to us for help with a campaign or project, we start with the “why.” We ask: “What are your objectives? How does your project fit into the bigger picture of your business goals?” We dig deep with lots of questions to discover the problem they’re trying to solve and who they’re trying to reach. Once we understand their why, we’re able to define the tactics for a multi-channel campaign and determine how we’ll measure success.

Depending on a client’s goals, the message and audience, we’ll put together campaign recommendations with the right mix of print and digital media.

Having a plan is more important than ever. All the ingredients like determining budgets, frequency and cadence of touch points and content messaging are key to satisfying your business goals.

Keep reading to learn more about two of the campaigns Project7 Design has brought to life.

Des Moines International Airport

Des Moines International Airport Fly DSM marketing materials

In 2019, p7 helped launch the FlyDSM campaign to unveil a new, vibrant personality for the Des Moines International Airport. This campaign was created to elevate the existing airport brand to attract new airlines as well as travelers. The FlyDSM look and feel is now incorporated into all of the airport’s advertising as an extension of their brand.

In addition to the overall look and feel, we developed content as well as the tactics which included digital ads, interactive displays, print materials, environmental branding and wayfinding. For this project, we provided the assets to the client and they were able to execute all ad buys and placements in-house.

When 2020 changed the world, we infused a secondary message, #forwardtogether, to communicate safety protocols and give travelers the information they needed to know during a global pandemic. COVID-19 revealed just how important well-designed physical signs are in a digital world. This campaign was heavier on the print-side with ample signage and infographics to communicate crucial health and safety measures.

“Project7 Design brought our vision for an energetic and colorful branding campaign to life. They provided a space for open discussion, brainstorming and collaboration to ensure our project goals were met. Through our work with p7, we have been able to establish a personality for our brand that is cohesive and connected in all that we do.”
— Kayla Korvana, Communications, Marketing and Business Development Manager


Perficut marketing materials with branded gift box

Perficut touts themselves as simply a different kind of company—uncommon in their industry—and this approach is matched with unique marketing that is a cut above the rest. We worked closely with this innovative landscape company to create marketing materials and a digital presence that leaves an impression, just like their brand.

Through social media strategy, SEO and SEM marketing, web, email and print, we’ve created both short-term and long-term dynamic campaigns and digital advertising to target and broaden Perficut’s footprint.

As Perficut’s objectives shift to expand their business in new markets across the state of Iowa and beyond, we built upon the well-established branding to strategically focus on marketing toward their commercial services. We laid the groundwork for this messaging by creating the company’s Power P Process, which is woven throughout the campaign pieces. Each campaign has unique tactics, such as a picnic-themed gift box filled with cheese, crackers, spreads and more that was sent to prospective clients.

For this campaign, p7 assisted the client with concepting business marketing, including the development of their core values and process. Then, our team defined tactics like a branded box sent to their commercial contacts, targeted marketing on LinkedIn and created sales resources and case studies for their team to use in the field.

Let’s dig in!

Check out our other campaign projects and learn how p7 can help you reach your target audience.

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Anna Lemons is Project7 Design’s Creative Director. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University, Anna has held multiple design roles in a variety of industries. As p7’s Creative Director, Anna dips her toes in a variety of projects. 

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