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Tips and Tricks for Your Instagram Stories

You’re probably familiar with Instagram Stories by now. Vertical images and video, decorated by custom text, fun stickers, and complementary gifs. Whether you have a personal or business account, Instagram Stories let you post spontaneous, real-time content with room for in-app editing to match your aesthetic. But if you’ve ever felt constricted by Stories’ design options, we’ve got some tips for you.

Keep reading to learn a few lesser-known hacks you can use to create more complicated layouts in your Instagram Stories!

Adding Lines

Need to underline your text? Want to divide two sentences? Simply start a text field, type as many underscores “_” as you’d like and press done. Now you have an easily scalable, moveable, and editable line element!

Bleed off Text Box

To create an outlined text box with edges that bleed off of your image, create a text field, select the filled text box option, and add a few spaces before your first word. Ta-da! Now you have the perfect text tag for your Story.

Adding Multiple Images

Want more than one image in your Story? Go to your photo album, choose a photo and select “Copy Photo.” Go back to your Story, create a text field, tap and paste your image. Then you can scale or angle the image however you want.

Boomerang from Live Photo

Have an iPhone? Upload a live photo from your camera roll to an Instagram Story then press and hold until it converts to a boomerang.

Custom Colors

Instagram Stories offer 27 different colors for its brush tool and text color (plus an eyedropper tool to match colors within your photo). If you’re looking for a different color that’s not in the Instagram palette, hold down one of the color samples and choose from any color available in that rainbow!

There are endless possibilities for how you can design and decorate your Instagram Stories. Using these simple tricks can make your content stand out from the rest of the seemingly endless scroll. Have fun, experiment, and share your creations with us on Instagram!

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Meghan Baltas
Senior Designer

Meghan Baltas is the Senior Designer at Project7 Design. Meghan began her career at p7 as an intern and joined the team full-time after graduating from Drake University. On a daily basis, Meghan works on client social media plans, logo design, web design and animation.

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